It is you I want

In spite of all the pain and all the heartache you have caused me

I still long for you

I forget the hell you put me through and I want to talk to you again,

It’s almost as if it never happened, the argument, the foul treatment that kept us apart for a year

we fall back into routine with ease

our conversation flows like we never broke off

The teasing is carefree as ever with no hint of the anger that once separated us

I still love to hear your voice over the phone

I still pour out my worries to you

I still have dreams of you

And I cuddle close to you in my head when I get in that mood

You and I made beautiful memories, we still make them

You did mop the floor with me

You said unforgivable words to me too

I lost count of the number of times you lied to me

You would have hit me if I had let on that I would take that from you too

Now months later after I vowed, No more!

Am back with you,

I have attracted a good number of admirers, I have tried out some too

But it is you I still want


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