It is time you gave up your pride

It is time you gave up your royal robes

It is time you forgot the things that are now past

The memories of a long ago forgotten glory

Did you not notice that you had fallen?

Did you not know you would fall?

Did you not feel decline, the growing disinterest of your former lovers?

The ceased steps of the ones who once pursued you?

Did you not notice eyes stop looking in your direction?

Did you not see the footsteps change direction to homes not even your neighbour’s?

It is time you took notice

It is time to stop living in glories of days past

It is time to end the deception,  to fling yourself at the mercy of all who you once scorned

 It is time to take interest in the things you once despised

Time is specifically unfriendly to you!

But you hold on to the things that have passed

You refuse to acknowledge your drooping shoulders,  the tired bones

You pretend that you are as attractive as you once were

And cling to memories of a long ago past, as real!

* Explanation – Do not lie to yourself.  You will not be young forever, hot forever, loved forever or important forever.  Recognise your years of decline and retire with dignity.


4 thoughts on “SELF DECEPTION

  1. Haba! It’s not that easy. Everyone has a level of ego that feeds lies of self grandiose to us o! *Now running off to pray for mine

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