I hurt for you

The sadness I see beneath your smile

The hollow ring of your laughter

The unending activity that shows me you are trying too hard

The unceasing quest for fun that tells me loneliness is killing you

It breaks me


I really hurt for you

I almost understand the pain that holds you

The despair that keeps you struggling to maintain a façade of happiness

I hurt more for you when you start professing not to care

Every word you say emphasizes how much you care

Every profession of indifference is an indication of how much pain you feel


I feel your pain, I feel your grief

I wish you did not suffer so much or try so hard to conceal your suffering

I look into your eyes and all I see is pain

Pain so clear, it announces itself without words

I hurt terribly for you, I hurt more with each attempt you make to conceal your pain



My close friend Ody was jilted at the altar, well since she’s not the groom I should say jilted at the church foyer. I had never seen it happen before, things like that only existed in Sex and the City movies and of course it always ended happily ever after. Imagine my shock when my friend Ody was jilted! We definitely didn’t see it coming. Ody and her intended husband had disagreements like every normal couple and they always resolved it, days to their wedding, they were still disagreeing over mundane things like the décor, the food vendor’s menu and the songs to be played at the wedding, never anything serious, definitely nothing to warrant calling of a wedding that had been planned for months.

Ody spoke to her Groom in the morning, the day before her wedding, reflecting now, she says he sounded a bit odd, but at the time she didn’t think there was a problem. She didn’t have time to speak with him again for the rest of the day, she did try to call him later but she got Bestman and he assured her that Groom was fine but unable to come to the phone. He hurried off the phone, according to him to attend to Groom and said we would all see at church the next morning.

11:00am Saturday morning we waited for Groom, of course we were a bit surprised we got there before him but we thought nothing of waiting for him for a while. We got worried by 11:30, we started dialing his number frantically by that same time, friends were dialing him, his family too. When he didn’t show up by 12:00pm, Ody immediately fell sick, her gown stifled her, the “heat” in the air-conditioned church foyer stifled her, still we waited. It was a bad movie unfolding before our eyes, Groom never picked his phone, Bestman’s phone stopped ringing, still we waited, I prayed while I waited. The guests started to leave, none took leave off us, they just quietly went away, they probably didn’t want to rub in our shame, in the end Ody, her bridesmaids (me inclusive) and her family were the only ones left, by then Ody was nearly dead! She wasn’t even aware when we dragged her to the car and took her back to the hotel, I don’t think she was aware of anything for days. Groom never called, he didn’t call to apologize, he still hasn’t. Ody never cried, just stared into space, it was scary.

 She surfaced after a while, she really came out with a bang. She partied endlessly, she was the life of every party, her laughter rang out clearly, she seemed not to care that she had been jilted just scant months before, it seemed like she rushed back from the brink of insanity and embraced life with renewed zest. People hailed her for her strength, her family thanked God for preserving her sanity and her heart, her friends felt comfortable around her. All seemed normal. But I looked into her eyes, past the façade, straight to her heart and I saw the heartbreaking pain and hurt that would never heal.


17 thoughts on “I HURT FOR YOU

  1. Hmmm… A broken heart. One of the hardest things to fix back( Dicken’s Great Expectations is proof of that). Anyway, back to the matter, the Guy’s a total coward and an ass. Simples!

  2. The guy’s an idiot and ur friend Ody dodged a bullet.
    I beg to disagree on this line though “I saw the heartbreaking pain and hurt that would never heal”. She sure as hell would heal, maybe not right now but eventually she will.
    Meanwhile, same thing happened real life to my mom’s friend, the ‘groom’ eventually came back begging and she accepted, this time they had a quiet ceremony and had over 20yrs of marriage b4 the man died sometime in 1998. The bride’s mom/family never forgave him through the duration of their marriage

  3. i can understand this cos it almost happened to me(abi it infact happened to me) two weeks to my wedding we broke up ,you try to move on hanging out ,partying n stuff but when your all alone in your room and you remember the past it hurts i have moved on thanks to my awesome family n friends ,some days are better than others but am sure someone better will come along soon.nice write up seems so familar i just pray girls learn from this if it doesnt feel right dont go along hoping it will all fall in place RUN THE OTHER WAY !! I hear if its d right one you will have no doubts

  4. hmm touching! The fact that she has embraced life shows she has healed , she’s left d past where it belonged. I heard abt a lady(pretty) who committed suicide 10yrs after a broken relationship. Isn’t time supposed 2 heal all wounds, i wonder wat went wrong! Wat ody has is hope (a priceless gem), n a strong will 2 fight. I pray she finds restoration 7folds dan she lost.

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