Disgust was pungent in the air when Uche resumed for work on Monday morning, looks of disdain were shot her way and an air of hostility pervaded the workspace. She found it difficult to concentrate on reading the many emails she had received over the course of the week. Since her public confession of her sexual affair with Pastor Ireti on her blog had spread, curses and accusations hadn’t stopped pouring in. The worst emails came from his church members. Some told her to suck it up and enjoy the memories like any lucky prostitute. Others were from reporters asking for interviews and meetings. She closed her laptop abruptly. She had seen enough, people would finally get the proof they wanted this evening.

She walked briskly to the car park as soon as it was 5 o’clock. Once she was in the sanctuary of the car, she called Ifeanyi, her best friend, to confirm that she had handed the video to the website editor. Ifeanyi answered on the 1st ring sounding very confident, “when this video of him naked in your hotel room declaring his love for you goes viral, things will get worse, but they ‘ll get better after, so be strong, dear”. The editor said it’ll go live by 7pm this evening, I’ll come over soon, she hung up. Uche’s heart was raw.

She hurriedly switched off her phone to prevent any phone calls from coming in. For God to have watched Pastor Ireti sexually manipulate her and break her heart after one year of trysts, Uche prayed to God, asking that He also watch silently as she purged herself of the pain and self-loathing she had carried for so long. It didn’t help that no one would believe her. Even her family told her to forget it and act like it never happened. Her friends side-stepped her and made quick excuses to leave whenever she tried to talk with them, but Uche knew she wasn’t crazy, she had been in love, she had been hurt, Ireti was a liar! She wanted revenge and she would have it at any cost.

7pm came very slowly. Ifeanyi squeezed Uche’s hand as they waited for the BellaNaija page to load. Uche said a prayer under her breath to no one in particular. Her hands trembled. She could almost taste her freedom now. They refreshed the page again.

Uche clutched her ears and screamed. She kicked and screamed at the web page. The top story read: Tragedy in Abuja! Pastor Ireti of MOWA Church Dies in Auto Crash.

Vengeance belongs to God.

N.B – Creativity is creativity for creativity sake; see it as such.

Disclaimer: This story bears no resemblance to any…



  1. wow! Nice one. What i think? Would’ve preferred he didn’t die, perhaps spend some time in coma, then come back to right his wrong. That way God’s vegeance is done and he also gets a chance 2 teach others a lesson. Just saying sha, dont like sad endings.

  2. Nneoma, good piece. Have u considered some of the Literary Workshops around. Contact ANA Abuja for more details. Keep it up

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