Onuoha I.S.N

She danced at her funeral

She had never had that much singing in her body even in life

She had never had that much fun

Songs of her praise dripped from every tongue

People gathered to celebrate her life

Her wealth flowed and fed them all

She had never been as attractive as on that day that she lay still for all to look upon

People struggled for a glimpse of her still body

They rushed to make certain she had finally given up


Then the real celebrations began

Dancing and singing and twisting and moans

Frenzy, bodies rushing about, sometimes slow, sometimes fast

Her spirit rose and soared to the sound of singing – her singing, their singing

Everything was perfect at her funeral, in her lifetime, she had never lived like this

She danced and she danced, she couldn’t be stopped

Such new life!


Then reality dawned, the frenzy ended

The people who caused her to dance opened the grave they dug while she danced

They boxed her and dropped her six feet to be covered with sand

They struggled to be rid of her

Understanding dawned and confusion cleared, the celebration wasn’t of love, it was entirely selfish, they had come to feast on her remains


She died a second time, she hadn’t known it when she died the first time

But she was very aware of the painful finality of her second death

 And she wished she had not danced so much at the party to kill her again!

*Note – This is a riddle, am definitely not talking about death! Now just guess what am talking about and I’ll give you a nice spot on my blog for ONE WEEK! Oya people lets do it immediately.

Photo Credits: #BigHstudios


17 thoughts on “DANCING AT HER FUNERAL

  1. Its about hypocrits. How people come around you acting like they love u and have your back but behind closed doors, they are the complete opposite.

  2. Its rily a tough 1. I tink its abt a wealthy lady who had lots of friends. Lik its said a rich man has many friends bt d poor has but a few. Pple wnted to be her friend, every1 seemed to want to identify with her. Dey partied and enjoyed her money. She totally forgot abt God. She lost dat connection while she was carried away in enjoymt. That was wen she died d 1st death which she wasn’t aware of. The second death came frm d same friends who she taught loved and cared for her. They plotted her death while she was busy having fun. Were in a hurry to get rid of her and share all d fortune she had left. Such is life!

    1. Now that’s a spiritual angle to it! I like your idea of it. I didn’t even imagine it that way so that’s too cool! You spoke my thoughts on one score though, she was buried by people who she thought cared for her!

  3. I think this poem is just what it is. The reality of dying, the activities at the wake and funeral. And being buried. Or maybe I’m just not deep enough. My heart literally skipped @ they boxed her and dropped her six feet. For a second there I could feel that sinking feeling of being in an encased box and being dropped and the fear and panic knowing that the next thing to come is very suffocating nothingness. Nice poem.


    1. Thanks for the compliment Thelma. There are never clear meanings to a poem, only the reader can relate the poem to her feelings! If its just another funeral description to you then that’s what it is.

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