The joys of a Lagos morning

Bottlenecks inching in every direction

Rickety buses creaking down to destinations

Drivers breaking traffic rules, urged on by impatient commuters

Bus Conductors shouting destinations at the top of their voices

Sometimes for no reason other than to call attention to themselves

Private cars joining the snail pace glasses wound up, air conditioners obviously in full blast

Young Ladies painting on their faces, gearing up for the daily show

Young men catching up on sleep in front of buses, mouths open, drooling too

Ever present LASTMA hopping around praying for defaulters, not bothering to keep the peace


And on the duller insides…

Food vendors setting up shop, frying, peeling and screaming invitations

Motorcycle and Tricycle drivers, making their early shuttles

Private cars, swimming the canals and moving towards the major road

Shops and places of business opening their doors, just opening

The toll, swinging open and close, emitting dirty money and slowing the pace

Weary faces by the road side, mourning another morning?

Then the students at the bus stop, most of them shabbily dressed,

the children of the middle class do not board buses…


Washed bodies and unwashed bodies married by one bus drive

High and low brought together in the morning rush

Purpose on every feet, good or bad


The city opens


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