For a long time he was Mandy’s everything. He had been mentor, provider, motivator and backbone rolled in one! He was everything! He never asked for anything in return, a true god sent was what he was. The angel in man’s flesh was Bode, an extremely rich businessman skilled in the art of wheeling and dealing. He had been Mandy’s 1st boss and had instantly taken an interest in her when she had first come to work in his IT firm, he had sheltered and guided her throughout her stay.

For Mandy, he was sent by God actually not just God sent, he was a god in her life. He had the best advice for every situation, he had solutions for every predicament she found herself in. His opinion was priceless and invaluable in every situation. It was Bode who encouraged Mandy to leave his firm and go get a higher degree, he promised to support her every step of the way, he invited her to lean on him and promised to help her soar!

Since he was her “god”, she never doubted him, her oracle had spoken and she was going to obey. In no time she secured admission to go do her Masters in the UK, Bode was as good as his word and heavily supported here till she finished the admission process and left Nigeria for Leeds.

The phone calls were innocent and expected, Bode had promised to keep in touch and be there for Mandy every step of the way so it only made perfect sense to Mandy that he would be calling constantly. The first bells of alarm tolled when Bode said he was coming to Leads to visit; true, he was her god, but she never expected the great god to be so mindful of her as to leave his business just to come visit. Mandy entertained hopes that Bode merely had business in the UK and would drop in and visit her, but he soon disabused her of that notion, he expressly told her, she was his sole reason for visiting; that was when the bells started to clang noisily. Mandy was disturbed, something wasn’t right, Bode didn’t have to come did he? She refused to give name to her fears but she had them.

Bode came to the UK, and like it happened recently in another unrelated story, he sent for his “daughter”.

That day, Mandy’s world came crashing down. The second she got into the room, Bode was all over her caressing and groping body parts like a shackled man finally let loose. He didn’t offer a drink or a seat, he didn’t ask polite questions of school to confuse her of his intentions, he went straight to his business and that day, the god died. Mandy was crushed and confused, the one she trusted and believed in had gone the way of mortal men. She was tempted to give in, surely if a god could ask then surely she had to obey, the thought lasted until she was on the bed ready to be devoured, then her mind snapped back and she saw Bode for who he was – an opportunist and a ravenous wolf who had primed her to be gobbled up. She ran off the bed and pulled her clothes back on and wept all the way back to her school mourning the death of a god!

Back at his hotel, Bode called up Didi, his backup plan and another devotee. He had planted his prospects well and if one didn’t bear fruit, another would!



  1. Mandy shouldn’t be surprised because a man who often go to market to buy pants for a woman would one day wants to know how the pants fit her.

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