You settled for it. It would not have been your first choice or even your second. You picked it after you looked and there were no other options.

It was the last blanket on the rack. It was either pick it or be left without a covering.

You settled for the last and dragged it to bed unwilling. It barely provided the warmth it should have, you could hardly bear to let it do its job. You found its touch irritating to your skin, its attempts to warm you felt like a leprous hug.

 Sometimes you threw it off the bed in disgust. Other times you refused to take it to bed. Your nights were nightmares. You shivered with cold and still wouldn’t take up your covering. You preferred the cold. You hated the choice you had made and you wanted to make another. It suffered too. It felt useless.

 You only picked it off the rack because you would have been left with nothing if you didn’t pick it. Your group of friends all had blankets. Beautiful colourful blankets. They told stories of how they snuggled up in their blankets every night, how it warmed them, how they couldn’t wait to get under it every night and how they couldn’t bear to leave it every morning and of course how they ran back to the warmth of its embrace everyday. When they told stories of their warm beds and awesome nights, you shut your mouth for shame.

So you made a choice. You took the only available one left. Alas your story was not like theirs. You hated the choice you had made; but you were saddled with it. You wished you had endured the cold. The covering on your body was punishment.

At first you consoled yourself, you had picked the last blanket off the shelf, many other people did not get blankets. You tried to be thankful that you had grabbed that last one and you had something. Then you walked into a new shop and saw racks and endless racks of lovely blankets that suited you better!

You wished! Oh! How you wished…

 But the only law in the rule of bedmates says “you spend life with the one you pick! No purchase is returnable”


N.B – Am not talking about blankets. No prizes for guessing what am talking about but I still want to hear from you! Decode this!

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16 thoughts on “BEDMATES

  1. Life partners of cos… Even a retard ll decipher dis. Dis is so intriguing n captivating. Really captured d essence of it all. Please dis needs a follow up, is dis d end? Noooooooo

  2. Life partner. Dat moment wen a gal makes d choice cos she feels she mit nt get anoda and all her mates are married only to finally realize dat marriage doesn’t necessarily bring happiness n satisfaction. Worststil wen its a wrong partner. She realizes dat there are still millions of single n beta men out der. Divorce is a difficult option.

  3. I think this could also apply to other life issues besides partners. Basically, don’t rush into stuff ’cause others are doing or have done, you may be surprised what their story actually is; be careful in decision-making; be patient, it’s a virtue and don’t settle for the worst ’cause it’s supposedly the last.
    U go fear moral instruction…lol! But seriously tho’..

  4. Awesome piece! It depicts how hasty we are to delve into issues of life. We have the same “imago delhi” but different destinies.

  5. The desperation by girls to be married at all cost is a common issue. Also the delay to make the choice timeously do rattle ladies into desperate choicesat last, and such choice may turn a hazard at last. Divorce at that late stage is not the best thing, though it may be expedient. So the golden rule still apply: “make hay while the sun shines.”

  6. The desperation to get married has become an issue with girls. Also, failure to take a timeous decision by ladies to get married can also rattle them into a hasty decision at last, and this could be hazardous. Not even divorce is the best option at that stage although it may be expedient. So the golden rule still apply: “make hay while the sun shines”.

  7. Maybe you should think of something creative to do with the blanket. Life is not made of nights alone, daytime beckons when the blanket no matter how snuggly may be useless. Can it be used as décor or an accessory? Life is more than comfort…its about being creative.

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