His Mother didn’t like her, that was the reason he gave for shattering her dreams,  dreams she had had for 8 years.  Biola and Manny had been together since their final year at medical school.  I remember thinking that the stress of medical school, the fears and constant studying was to blame for bringing those 2 unlikely people together.

Biola was my bosom friend, vivacious,  fun and charming.  She was fun and relaxing to be with at the same time. She attracted people to herself and she was most popular, a constant ball of energy, whizzing up and down, organizing, ensuring and living. Biola was life!

Biola was also madly in love with Manny, at the center of her life was her love for him. She attracted far better people in my opinion but she soon drove them away with talk of Manny and their plans for ever after.  She was faithful to Manny even in conversations, she would not joke or laugh with any interesting guy because Manny might see or hear and get jealous. Biola would give Manny a quick call to reassure him of her love before hanging out with our group of friends,  her reason, she didn’t want him to feel insecure knowing she was elsewhere unwinding without him!

I had met Manny and trust me, he had a lot to be insecure about.  Diminutive in stature and totally not good looking, Manny’s character was as unappealing as his looks. Conversation with Manny was so boring and uninspiring that we often  marvelled that he passed medical school. For Biola’s awesome personality, we all tried to befriend Manny and draw him out and in while we all secretly thought she was wasted on him.

Matrimony came calling for our group of friends as time passed. Some people within the group even got together and made it official – those were good times. As the number of singles in the group thinned down, eyes and tongues were drawn to our pretty Biola.  “Babe what’s up now? Wetin we dey wait again” I remember asking her 2 years back, she responded tiredly that they were praying about it.  Their prayers didn’t start just 2 years back, they had been praying since they started dating. Even after Biola stopped praying, presumably because she had gotten her answer, Manny and his family kept praying.

They prayed from 2005 to 2012 and still they didn’t hear from God, while they prayed, Biola warded off advances from men that would spoil or hinder her prayers. She redirected her suitors to her friends while the prayers went on.  After the 5th year, we all started praying with them,  personally I prayed to God to liberate my friend.

Our kids started to come and soon there were namings, baptisms,  dedications and 1st birthday parties. Biola was favourite Aunty, godmother and party planner at many of these events, while still praying to God to convince her Adam that his Eve was waiting.

In the 8th year of prayers and their relationship,  Manny finally spoke in God’s place, according to him, Biola thought she was too good for him, Biola thought she was smarter,  Biola was too active and often overshadowed him and then the kicker, his Mum didn’t like  Biola.

It was like watching a bright light dim suddenly,  it was heartbreaking to see,  we tried in vain to get Biola to shine again but she was lost in the pain of all the years past and opportunities foregone.

Light no matter how dim remains light and can still dispel darkness and attract moths.

Its Christmas season and on the 30th, I’ll have the honour of walking behind Biola down the aisle to meet “Very sharp interesting businessman”.  Sharp guy had also “consoled”  Biola 1 year ago when Mama Manny found her wanting. The consolation resulted in time spent together,  beginnings of the Biola glow and then the  Biola dazzle as she swore undying love to Sharp guy and started preparations to marry him.

They didn’t pray very long this time. God must have answered favourably and immediately,  like he always does when two serious unpretentious people ask for directions!


11 thoughts on “WHEN GOD IS SILENT!

  1. Nice one babes, the nicest for me.
    …. “God must have answerred favourably and immediately, like he always does when two serious unpretentious people ask for direction.”. I like!

  2. Good one. I like! Sometimes what we think is best may not even be good enough for us in God’s sight. Unfortunately it often takes us time and maybe a real painful experience for us to come to that realization. God help us all!

  3. Truth is God is not always silent. He can say: yes, no, or wait. Of all the voices you hear while waiting to year God, God’s voice is the least audible. You are more likely to hear your own voice louder than the voice of God and the voice of the devil is in more cases more persuasive! It takes deep fellowship with God for you to distinguish His voice from the voices. As you grow in your relationship with God, you will first learn on how to hear Him in minor matters before you can hear Him on the major one like who to marry. Biola must have been hearing her own voice all the time she was waiting for Manny! Good one Neoma. Long time.

  4. Good write-up, no doubt. The ultimate destination for Biola is the Sharp Guy – her true and ordained destiny. Previous engagements could have been spiritually designed to toughen her life experience. May our Almighty God punish no one for failing promises to marry. Who knows what?

  5. Beautiful write up. My bst line “They didn’t pray very long this time. God must have answered favourably and immediately, like he always does when two serious unpretentious people ask for directions!”

  6. Wow! Nneoma, you improve with every piece of write up. Nice prose. I like the choice of word; the piece is
    simple, yet packed with hidden sarcasms.

  7. Na! It can’t be prose! I was already fighting with Manny. No words. I have no words. Reminds me of this guy who told me when I was 18 not to study Med but computer sc so we he would not waste 6 yrs waiting. All this during our first conversation o! Hahaha! I told him I didn’t need to pray about it, God spoke there and then. Flee! http://www.drnsmusings.wordpress.com

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