Why are the streets normal? Why are we going about our business as usual? Why has nothing changed? Why is life moving on like it always does? I had thought I would wake up to see red skies like eyes, shedding blood red tears and weeping over Nigeria, mourning the lives of the 29 innocents killed in Yobe State. I had thought I would wake up to see groups of people standing in corners, discussing in hushed tones the pure wickedness, heartlessness, callousness and inhumanity that would make human beings roast young children alive. I thought there would be an uproar, I thought fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, human beings with any sense of humanity would rise to condemn this wicked act, but alas, I saw nothing!

The newspapers reported it as statistics, “29 children killed in Yobe State”. A bystander looks and says “29? Thank God, it wasn’t more!” We fools! We have become totally uncaring of atrocities and abominations that ought to horrify us! How do we roast our future? How do we kill children who need to live to sustain our nation? How do we equate lives to numbers and statistics? Pray tell me how a human person can sit and hear the cries of innocent children, screaming, struggling to escape and hail himself for a job well done? Explain to me how wicked you have to be, to murder sleep? How exactly pray tell, do you see children running away from death and slit their throats, returning them remorselessly to the fate they sought to escape?

I thought I would wake up to outrage. I thought I would wake to a clamour for justice. I thought I would wake to see right thinking individuals demanding security from its government.  The paramount thing a government owes its people is security, safety of their lives and of all they own. Any government that cannot provide and ensure this, is NO GOVERNMENT at all!

I went to a federal school myself. I went to my school with pride, I announced proudly at every given opportunity that I was a student of Federal Government Girls’ College Onitsha. Federal schools were the only places to be back then. Parents clamoured to send their children to any unity school. It didn’t matter where the school was, north, east or west, it was probably still better than the local schools in their states of residence. Federal schools were for a long time the only hope the normal Nigerian family had of standard education for their children, it still is. Nobody ever imagined abductions and killings in those exalted institutions back then. So many leading individuals I know attended unity schools, my classmates at federal, awesome girls all of them, making giant strides in their chosen fields. It blows my mind to think that it could have been any of us.

Many students still pass through unity schools, students with prospects, with talents and abilities to excel in various fields and cause change in society. Tell me, how does one lock all this in a room and burn it? How do we break the hearts of Parents who thought they had given their children their best? How do we turn gifts of love to death traps? How do we commit these evil acts against God and humanity?

I thought I would wake up to see a people demanding and insisting on change. I thought I would see people demanding for sanity, for justice, for action! Alas I saw nothing! I saw people going about their normal businesses, leaving battles that God has asked us to fight, back at His doorstep. I saw a people counting human lives as numbers and forgetting that they could be numbers too. I saw a people who thought they were free from harm, who are still unwilling to do battle, to demand justice and claim their right to life, not just any kind of life, quality life.

I saw a people whose future had been roasted in 29 parts, ignorant of the fact that their silence would lead to a total incineration of the lives of their children!




    1. We all should ask our leaders “Are they still on top of the situation? If not, we should ask the government to resign. Afterall many service chiefs and the Inspector General have had to lose their jobs for this.

  1. Hmmmm sometimes like this l lack words to alter am a product of unity school myself we are the pioneers of fggc Bauchi that school that the students eere roasted in is some kilometers away from my alma mata.It is high time all this heinous activities perpetrated by whom ever is in charge is brought to a stop.l do not believe in any boko hatam.Who ever authorized the military to leave their duty post before this barbaric act was carried out should be held rrsponsible.The government cannot claim ignorance neither can the police Commissioner be making senceless comments.

  2. These are very sad times. Let’s not keep silent because they are not our family members. We must ensure that these mindless brutality does no go further than we’ve already seen and felt. And may the souls of the deptarted find eternal rest in the bosom of the Lord, Amen.

  3. We are a country of ‘anything goes’ it is a Fed Govt College today but it was a state trianing college yesterday. Who knows whose it wit be next? The military effort in containing the BH, needs corresponding collaboration from Nigerian living in those states. The Governors of the northeast need do more than visitibd after BH onslaught. The State Security Service is only intereted as security attache to high net worth people as escorts. SSS reports on BH are anything but dodgy. Yes we may cry and pray, the solution is in the people of the states concerned, walking our cry!

  4. I am still trying to calm down….I just watched a clip of GEJ and I really hope it was not shot today. He could not be looking like that with this hanging in the air. Shrugging and saying empty things like ‘we will get over it’. Will we? Really? Who is he talking about? It cannot be the mothers of all those children!!!! How will they get over THIS????

  5. Nigeria, the only country we have to proudly and boldly call ours. Today its feature is been burnt and we are still seating in our houses like nothing is happening…… Hmm we need to rethink to take majors to save the feature of our dear NIGERIA. I can’t stop crying.

  6. That is the docility and indifferent attitude of Nigerians. For how long shall we stand beside and watch our children stained? It is appalling. The civil society is as guilty as the law enforcement agencies and the government. Why are the local people not giving information about the evil men doing this? Why are the law enforcement groups not at alert? Many questions to ask ! But what is sure is that the government is not doing enough to raise the morale of the field officers, also. I think every Nigerians must rise to the task.

  7. All I see is a stupid and unmerited centenary celebration going on admist all the grief. All is see is government officials opening their fat mouths to say nonsense from their empty brains! All I see is NOTHING being done even though we write all these. Is it not the same people we entrusted the security of our lives and property that are barricading the roads directly in front of their headquarters,protecting themselves and harrassing innocent citizens who attempt to cross the barricades? Who is exactly protecting who? Who are we decieving in this country. We should start by telling ourselves the truth first,cos dats the only thing that can set us free!

  8. That is an inspirational write up, I think all Muslims, Christians and traditionalists should fast for at least three days. During these period, we should pray to GOD(ALLAH)
    1. To destroy any person that has a hand in these heinous crimes.
    2. Any official that refused to give personnel on the ground right armament to fight BH and their due allowances.
    3. Give us the courage to stand up and protect our selves from BH.
    It is high time people in northeast mobilize, arm themselves and flush out BH from their domains because the arm forces are doing not good enough. The federal government is busy preparing for centenary wastage than the lives of innocent children

  9. May the soul if the departed rest in peace. Our nation needs Jesus now more than ever aπϑ that nation is no body but us, if our homes aπϑ communities are in peace, Nigeria will be in Peace

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