You dared believe we would stop to mourn you, how important are you pray tell? You dared believe things would change because you lost your insignificant lives? What made you believe your lives were any more important than the many other lives previously lost? So some among you were pregnant? Big deal! What is mind-blowing about that? We kill our children anyway, yours just puts a different twist to our normal stories of death. Did you believe reforms would be made just because you stopped breathing?

Well, you thought wrong! You lost your lives trying to make things better for yourselves, how dared you? Some people were butchered while they worshipped, some others were murdered in their sleep and absolutely nothing happened. We didn’t even stop to mourn, the government made a few remarks on their sorry lives and the rest of us went on with ours. Your case was different, you woke up one morning after you had paid an insignificant amount of money to people who were already bloated with atrocities and you dressed in pure white to go scramble for a handful of jobs to enable you earn a better living, such guts! Perhaps you knew you were going to be meeting your maker that day, how else would you explain the whites you wore?

So your families mourned? Pray tell me who your family members are? What big names do they possess? None of course! If they had big names, you wouldn’t be caught dead in that multitude of desperate job seekers but that’s exactly what you were, caught and dead! What were your last feeble thoughts? That your death would cause an uproar? More fool you!

I hope you are happy now, when you died, you got the job! 3 whole slots for any member of your family, awesome is that not? You even caused an announcement to be made that a refund of the paltry sum extorted from you and your partners in suffering would be made, well you can hold your breath waiting for the refund, you are dead anyway. Greedy unreasonable you, you thought you actually stood a chance of getting a job? Did it not occur to you that some special people very unlike yourselves who did not get near the exam venue had already been employed? If you doubt this, explain then how a reasonable selection could have been made from such an unmanageable crowd?

We heard how it was all your fault, the stampede. We heard you became animals, uncontrollable at the exam venue, Moro told us. Who then were you expecting to be blamed for your deaths? Definitely not Moro, or Paradang, they sit pretty in their big offices in Abuja, refunding petty change and doling out slots to your families. You are totally forgotten. Your death changes nothing, the system of course remains the same, some other people will die soon and you will be completely, completely forgotten.

As for we Nigerians, we are moving on, don’t we always? We blame you too for going out when you should have stayed in. We care nothing for you, already you are a topic of a hot debate on who is to be blamed, next you will fizzle out, expectedly. You will serve as a lesson for other silly Nigerians who think their lives are worth anything, who think their deaths will break our tolerance level and cause us to fight.

The messiah has come and gone, no other person’s life can save, especially not the miserable life of an insignificant Nigerian.

N.B: This is a satire.



  1. How insignificant really the lives of these ones are! Will the three slots come without hassels? Even your families will fight over it! Should your families rejoice then that your lives were wasted gruelsomely? Over three slots? And the government! How pitiful!

  2. How many slots for the ill-fated,gruesomely killed FGC students and all BH masacres. What has been heard of them, or will be heard ? God help us all in Nigeria

  3. So some families will testify in church today saying: “Indeed all things work together for good”. Hahahhaaa (I laugh in Igbo). So these ones laid down their lives for their families? So this one will also be counted as a blessing in disguise? I can’t even think enough jare. My heart bleeds but what can I do? Insignificant me still trying to raise a finger to be identified amongst my family, not to talk of my voice being heard in Nigeria as a whole. Nneoma, I pray the government uses this little medium to hear “our” hearts. Thank you for speaking out. It is well

  4. Its sad how this stampede is about to be nothing but a fleeting memory. Them giving slots will not give relief to the mother who lost a son or the father who lost a daughter. At the end it will be all about the money and the meaningless sacrifice of these young ones will just fade. God help Nigeria

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