If you were kidnapped, yes you, gi nwa onye m bu n’obi, gi nwa bu ezi oyi m, if you were kidnapped

I would be very pained

I would be bothered and be downright uncomfortable

Tears would spring to my eyes and spill down my cheeks at the thought of your torment

I would worry endlessly about you, I would wonder if you had been harmed,

If you were in pain or if you had been tortured

Situations would revolve in my mind and I would picture you in them all


If I heard you were kidnapped, I would ask, why, who and what for?!

If I was told boko haram took you, I would shake my head and wear a straight face

I would shout, mba! Nkea akali go!

I would scream for your return

I would petition the government and security agencies to demand action

I would call on all human rights groups to fight for your rescue


If you were kidnapped, I would understand the pain your parents would feel

I would feel their heartache, their sorrow and their loss

I would feel their confusion, their hurt and their despair at their sad lot

I would feel their pain as keenly as if they were my own parents searching for me

I would call up your parents, sit with them, cry with them, say words to make them feel better



If you, my friend, were kidnapped, I would never forget

I love you, you are a part of me, I wouldn’t take your loss kindly

I would do all in my power to get you back

To make sure that memories of you never fade

I would always listen for news of you

I would attempt anything and everything to get you back

Your memory will never be lost, not to my other interests, not to epidemics, not to other cares and worries


If you were kidnapped, I would want you back

I would want you back because you are precious, because you are priceless, because you are an important piece of me


I would do all these for you my good friend,

If some females in some obscure part of the country were kidnapped

I would not be bothered, of what use are they to me pray tell?

My passion to bring back missing people only extends to people whose loss affects me!

Any other person, I will forget!



Note: “Gi nwa onye m bu n’obi” – “You that is dear to my heart”. “Gi nwa bu ezi oyi m” – “You that is my good friend”. “Mba, nkea akali go” – “No, this is too much”




3 thoughts on “IF YOU WERE KIDNAPPED

  1. It’s really sad that up till now, the Chibok Girls have not been found. Your article simply brings back the agony their parents,siblings and friends have faced since they were kidnapped. And now all the campaigns,carryings of placards and all that have all gone with the wind since the news of the Ebola virus. Who knows,maybe some of these girls have also contracted the deadly virus through the things they eat and the unhygienic environment and not to mention other diseases they must have contracted from their abductors.
    You really nailed this one. If only the people in power would read your articles , maybe some senses would be hit into their skulls. Keep up with the good work!

  2. I have said it before, certain persons in the society (and i’m referring to those popularly known as ‘Ogas at the top’) should spend the time gaining free directions from your vivid thoughts on how to go about their business of being an Oga at the top. My only draw back is that they may find your thoughts (though very straightforward) hard to reason with. But I strongly believe certain other persons are seeing, reading and gaining and in due season seeds will bear fruits. Nice piece as always.

    But Nne, don’t worry, I won’t be kidnapped!

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