For 9 days now Okey Wali SAN the 26th president of the NBA has been in captivity. Held by the abductors who have become a near acceptable menace in our society.

Already, his abduction has become fading news. Nobody seems to be too concerned about his welfare or his release. True, the NBA has paid a visit to his home and issued a press release, but those things will not bring him back.

Muttered requests for his release and jostling of Senior Lawyers in the pages of newspapers to condemn his abduction will not bring him back. Okey Wali’s abduction is a brazen laugh in the face of security, a jab in the chest of all activists, advocates and promoters of the rule of law! His abduction is an attack on the legal profession and their unflinching position to use the law to protect society.

Our deafening silence in the face of this attack must not continue! Lawyers, activists and all concerned citizens should protest and demand his release. Our silence will be assent and an incentive for the next kidnap. Like the Bring Back our Girls campaigners who are relentless in their drive, Lawyers and other Nigerians who see the risks in remaining silent must take up this campaign to bring Okey Wali home!

The countdown is on! BringBackOkeyWali-Day 9!

Note well – The writer is not a Lawyer!



  1. D abduction of Okey Wali SAN is a very sad reality of our time. Each & every one of us is an endangered species in our own country. An adage says: D best time to fight an inferno is while it is still on ur neighbour’s roof – dat is where it chose not 2 start from ur own domain. There was d horrifying slaughter of d school boys in d Fed Govt School, Burni Yadi, then came d kidnap of d Chibok School Girls; soon 2 follow was d kidnap of about 11 girls also from aa Chibok village; months later about 100 young boys were also kidnapped from another village in Bornu State. In d face of all these atrocities, Nigerian Lawyers went about their business as usual, making money, hub-nobbing, dining & wining with d high & mighty, & paying little attention 2 d bleeding hearts of d distressed ordinary Nigerians. Like another saying goes: when they came for d Jews, he spoke not for he was not a Jew; when they came for d Poles, he spoke not for he was not a Pole; when they came for d Indians, he spoke not for he was an Indian; and when they came for him, there was no one left to speak. We have unwittingly fallen into d habit of ‘d Devil may care, not I’. Any wonder then dat Lawyers’ silence in d face of d kidnap of their immediate past President is so deafening dat we can hardly hear d sound of d prowling abductors & kidnappers combing our streets for their next victim. #SethAmaefule

  2. It’s really sad that nothing concrete is being done,despite how powerful and influential the NBA is
    I was tempted to send a text to his number, knowing the phone may be in the possession of the kidnappers, but I thought of his safety, not knowing how they may respond to the text. But really we need to do something to secure his release, safely.

  3. we might not have enough info.but i am sure a lot&serious stuff is being done about his release,look Okey Wali SAN is not just a nobody that can be picked off the street,,he has paid his dues..It is just sad that the hoodlums have no respect

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