About moi!

Nneoma AnietoIt really is not all about me. Its about you too, it is about us. All I really want is a forum, to pour out my thoughts and your thoughts too. If I am not saying what you are thinking, then send me your thoughts. Let’s vent together, who knows what we can achieve by expression!

My name is Nneoma Anieto, I have a passion for writing  and expression. I have degrees in the communication and some experience working in communication too.

Apart from writing, I love taking pictures, reading novels and listening to music. I blog because I hope to connect with people and share thoughts, vision, pain and points of view too.

Like I said, I will publish any other person’s thoughts not just mine if you give me the chance, just send an email to adaanieto@gmail.com! I have 2 functional pages right now, the prose/poem page and the article page. The prose/poem page mostly mirrors my imagination and my thoughts, events may inspire it but the stories are pure fiction. The article page enables me throw light on real issues and issues that affect society too.

Have fun reading any article that catches you fancy!



8 thoughts on “About moi!

  1. What you wrote about the 29 deaths is tragic but when I first heard it the first thought that ran across my mind was thank God it wasn’t close to me or anyone I know, we are now desensitized to violence coupled with d fact that this is an election preparatory year,it will most likely be politicized

    1. It’s horrifying,but that’s the country we live in, besides if you follow the papers what seems to matter most is the missing 10 billion dollars and the nnpc investigations we are now a country that is more concerned with the bottom line and how much money we can siphon for ourselves

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