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We have been here before, alive with dreams of a better Nigeria, jubilant in the enthronement of the choice made by the majority and generally hopeful of a better life. It was the general elections of 2011 that took us there. Many of us had just voted a President who we hoped would serve us the good life, who we imagined (as the masses often imagine) would redistribute the wealth of the nation to make sure we got slices of “our” national cake. The man we elected in 2011 was one of our own, a Daniel come to judgement.

Basking in the euphoria of a largely peaceful general elections and mocking the “sore” losers of that race, we settled down to reap our rewards. Reap it we did! Many of us had voted in favour of religion, it did not bring succour to us when the scourge of governmental indecision and apathy was unleashed. Many others voted for tribe, neither they nor their tribe had much to show for their votes. Some of us voted an illusion, a dream of perfection, we were speedily brought down to earth, awakened by harsh realities piercing through dreams and demanding attention. A few remained satisfied by the choice we collectively made, some diehard optimists, some diehard tribalists, some religious diehards and of course the ever present beneficiaries of every lax government who fight to protect their personal interests.

In the face of growing dissatisfaction, the ranks of the jubilant electorate of 2011 broke down irremediably. Discordant tunes rent the air. “Give the man a break, he is trying…” some said “let him be, the opposition is not letting him see straight” some others excused. But the electorate of 2011 had great expectations, we trusted a demi-god and damned his opposition, we expected him to serve us in spite of the opposition. We did not care if he was trying, we needed him to deliver. “Trying” wasn’t quelling violence in the north east, “trying” wasn’t translating to a better life for us either; accusations of corruption heated the polity “trying” was neither addressing the accusations nor fighting the accused or the accuser (depending on who was guilty biko).

In the face of our dissatisfaction was the voice of our number 1 woman alternately grating on the nerves of both supporters and detractors or serving as an endless source of amusement for the populace. In the face of our dissatisfaction, acts of impunity against perceived “future messiahs” rubbed salt in our wounds, easy to recall is the famous national assembly lockout, the unaddressed Fayose to Judge slap too.

In time we gathered to elect another leader. The loving populace of 2011 had all but fizzled out. Our former elect did not know this, he could not have known this. A close group of sycophants who I hear hound every government had insulated him from the people and blocked his ears with praise singing and encouragement. A good man at heart (I hope and assume), his followers would not let him do his own campaigning. Full page adverts in the pages of newspapers abusing his opposition was to be his form of communication, hate messages and spiteful pictures formed his campaign. Controversy (Buhari certificate and close-to-death scandal) was stirred by his “camp” to confuse the electorate. His voice at the campaign was loudest and clearest, it screamed “Vote for me. I dare you NOT TO”

The passionate electorate of 2011  rechanneled their passion. Another messiah was needed, another Daniel was required at the judgement. Another demi-god to correct perceived and blatant ills was needed. Again we went out and selected another. We made sweeping changes to our government, it wasn’t just the head we removed, we “swept” clean many of the States too.

We are again hopeful of a better life and a new Nigeria. In addition, we believe we have elected CHANGE. A man with a broom to sweep every State, Ministry and Sector. Who will also put an end to corruption, ours and theirs. We are again jubilant in the enthronement of the choice made by the majority and we wait with bated breaths and great expectations for our refreshing wind of change or the stifling stench “re-dashed” dreams and business as normal disappointing usual!

2019 will tell – dashed dreams or met expectations





It started as a joke really, I was broke as usual, as broke as the girl who had quit her job to go back to school to get her Masters could be, as broke as any other person without a source of income who depended on people for stipends. I was mourning my fate as usual to my brother, explaining how N50, 000 a month would more than solve all my earthly worries when he jokingly said, “tell Stella Oduah to give you some her loot naaaaa”. We laughed it off as the obvious joke that it was meant to be.

Recently though, I have been thinking about it. Am not saying Stella stole while in office o, because I don’t know if she did or not (#disclaimer), but one thing I can bet my last few Nairas on is that she left office richer than she entered it. I am certain that some of the funds if not all the funds for the exorbitant armoured vehicle (bought or not bought) may have found its way into her personal account. I also know that some buildings in Abuja and Lagos would have changed names to her name or to that of her relatives. I am dead certain that according to the Nigerian attitude of worshipping people in power, contractors, airlines and other aviation agencies “appreciated” her from time to time. What am trying to say by all this is that am certain that she currently possesses more than she can possibly need. I am sure that even now that the tap has been shut off, Stella owns tanks, tankers, wells and reservoirs of water, enough to supply others and more than enough to keep her seated permanently in the lap of luxury.

So biko, Madam, this is a passionate plea and cry from a young hardworking girl with no job, studying hard and hoping for a better future, biko give me just N1million from your stash. This money am sure may seem small to you but it will definitely solve all my problems for the rest of the year and set me on greater paths and pursuits, I could pay my rent with ease, finish school in extreme comfort and undertake my final project without qualms, indeed this money will carry me to 2015, honestly it will! I am sure your bank balance won’t feel the loss significantly but my own balance will never recover from the inflow, it will set my scatter plot of income and expenditure on a permanent positive slant for life! Your own life will hardly be affected by this benevolence but mine will totally be transformed for good. So Madam biko, can I share your loot? Can I be considered by you for favour? Would you not want my gratitude? My commendation?

You could choose other people to bestow your largesse. I know a number of people who would forever remind God of you, if only you would give them bits and pieces of your stash. You know those special people who move around practically lying down on skateboards? Those ones who sometimes have to move on all fours with limbs twisted in obviously painful directions? They would appreciate help o, maybe wheel chairs, or even some kind of training to help them take care of themselves. Would you not want the gratitude of these people? I know this wasn’t your mandate while you were in office but now that you are out of office with dishonourable stories of forgery and looting trailing you, wouldn’t you want to make restitution?

You could right a few wrongs, you really could! You still have connections in high places undoubtedly, you still have a few friends in public offices, you could help us tell them that there is no point amassing wealth that they cannot exhaust, you could help us tell them to start giving back to us right now by doing what they have been appointed or elected to do, you could tell them that it is pointless riding in convoys or armoured cars when their kids and relations may suffer sickness with no medical care, strikes from a decaying education sector too, unemployment in our harsh economy or even some kind of road mishap thanks to our bad roads. Tell them the difference their peanut change will make in many lives, tell them that they need us to make them leaders, if we are dead, worthless or fizzling out, they wouldn’t have anybody to lead, Kings need Kingdoms, you need us too! Tell them the lessons you have learnt, how you became next to nothing after you left office, how you had to come back to earth and how you met the rest of us down here and we had nothing good to say to you or about you. Tell them of disabled people, of children hawking in the streets, tell them of lives lost needlessly due to inadequate medical care, tell them of the ruin caused by an epileptic education, tell them of the difference they could make and be practically idolized. It would be like Lazarus waking up from the grave to preach salvation to the rich man’s brothers, you could achieve so much.

Wouldn’t it be awesome, if you considered letting us get this share while still in office, a hug difference that would make!