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Why now?


CNN had it boldly written on screen “Nigeria strikes back at Boko Haram” and when mighty CNN says it, then it must be true and the nation should rejoice because the news is “on CNN”! We dance around in excitement not just because of the feat achieved but in – not entirely misplaced – reverence of all things western.

But its true though, whether CNN reports it or not, the Nigerian military has recovered over 500 persons previously in the clutches of Boko Haram in the past 2 weeks. One heartrending picture of a malnourished little child rescued from captivity made the front page of our national daily. Pictures of the rescued persons make front page of many newspapers, our military is working and our local media (not just CNN) are reporting.

Prayer – For the freedom of the people in captivity, for the peaceful rest they will have outside captivity and for food like they never had in captivity, I thank thee oh Lord.

The soldiers were even able to arrest the official fuel supplier of the Boko Haram, Mr. Supplier made headline news too. The nation is happy, finally our military is working and people are being freed from captivity. I am happy too, happy for the many people who have regained freedom, happy for the children who might now be better fed.

I am happy for the military too. So far, I haven’t heard that they have lost any men recovering people from BH. I haven’t heard that they turned tail and ran too.

Prayer – For the lives of our soldiers and their recovered pride, I thank thee oh Lord!

The question that nobody is asking that I am asking however is “why now?”. My friend doesn’t understand it either, he wonders why after many years of seeming incapable, the Nigerian military is suddenly fighting Boko Haram to near defeat. He wonders how after four years of (a.) not having resources (b.) not having ammunition (c.) not having eyes in Sambisa and (d.) not having anything at all, the military is suddenly able to nearly vanquish BH.

I wonder too. I wonder if the many lives previously lost to Boko Haram could have been avoided. I wonder if the captives could not have been recovered earlier. I wonder if those malnourished children and desolate looking women recovered from captivity could have remained free in the first place. What is this sudden magic and why now?

BH was a source of many debates on social media, some arguments ran along the lines of:

  1. The army is trying
  2. GEJ is trying
  3. BH wants to discredit GEJ’s government
  4. BH is APC funded
  5. Nobody was kidnapped

There were some other arguments just painful to recall because of their invalidity. Which one of the above arguments presently hold true in the face of the military’s renewed strength and activity?

Prayer – For common sense for me and my fellow Nigerians, I pray thee oh Lord!

Boko Haram was supposedly set up by the opposition to discredit the GEJ administration. Mere weeks to the end of the GEJ administration, it can now stop BH? Why couldn’t they do it before? Why didn’t they do it before its menace sent them packing out of office? Why are they doing it now that the supposed champions of Boko Haram are about to take over? Something does not add up.

Why now?

Prayer – For answers I may never get to questions that bother me, I pray…?